Der Senat hat ab sofort verordnet, alle privaten Sportspielstätten zu schließen. Demnach müssen auch wir bis auf Weiteres (zunächst bis zum 19. April) unsere Halle schließen. Bleiben Sie gesund. Ihre Kickerworld.

paintball kinder 2019

From now on there is the chance to play Kids-Paintball Indoor at the age of 8! A real soft sand surface delivers perfect smooth slides for maximum fun on an area around 25 x 12 meters.

  • indoor and outdoor fields
  • highest playing comfort on a very soft, daily cleaned artificial turf
  • professional equipment on highest technical standards 
  • showers and restrooms, private parking - all build for diabled either 

Our Offer

  • 1h (Standard) oder 2h (Maxi) Paintball indoor
  • up to 10 kids included in packages
  • professional Gog Enmey-marker und 2.000 (1h) or 5.000 Paintballs (2h)
    (please notice, that there is a good chance, that you have to buy additional paintballs (500 balls = € 30,- | 1.000 balls = € 50,-)
  • every additional player € 20,- (Standard) or € 36,- (Maxi) incl. 200 or 500 additional paintballs
  • mask and glasses for maximum protection
  • if desired you can choose a menu for the kids after the event

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