The Paintball World Berlin is embedded in the area of the KiCKERWorld Berlin and covers about 1,500 square meters of spaceAn exclusive hall offers a unique feeling on a tournament millennium field.

The hall flooring is made of soft artificial grass that cushions small jumpsThe hall is also regularly cleaned, so you do not wading ankle-deep in food coloring.

The field

paintball feld 2019

Our field has dimensions of 45x30 meters and is completely encompassed with fine mesh nets that protect spectators and players paused as possible.

An exclusive use of the hall is only possible from 20 persons. Please ask this but in first. 

Sky sportsbar and event facilities

Our SKY Sports Bar "Kick-In" located in the first floor  offers space for up to 200 guests. The outside bar in Beach flair style is located right next to beach soccer and beach volleyball.

The entire area has been built handicapped accessible. The changing rooms and sanitary facilities are located on the ground floor, the restaurant can be reached next to the main stairs and by elevator.


sky sportsbar lounge collage

sky sportsbar outdoor 1

sky sportsbar outdoor sport


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